When dropping a CSV file to the scan path the user would like to pause the printer automatically between file drops.


Currently today, Loftware will process any file that is dropped in the scan path directory. If the user would like to change label stock after every drop file they need to wait for the printing to complete, change the label stock and then drop another file, which can be valuable time wasted.

NOTE:  This will not work if you are dropping files for extending printing.


Specify a custom ZPL string in the label to send a pause request after every label is printed.

  1. Open Label Design in LLM (Design32).

  2. Click on "File" and "Media Setup".

  3. Select "Label Options" under the "Label Setup" tab.
  4. In the Label Option window, down towards the bottom left corner in the "Custom ZPL" area, type in the following ZPL Command:   ^XA ^PP ^XZ
  5. Also select "After label" for the "Send Command" field.
  6. Click "OK" out of the "Label Options" as well as the "Media Setup" screens.
  7. Save the Label.


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