BCH files (*.BCH) saved with UTF-8 encoding fail to print.

NOTE: In version, all resubmitted jobs from the Loftware Status Client program are sent in UTF-8 format.

To reproduce

When creating sample BCH files from the Design32 application, or saving them from any application, you have the option of multiple encodings.  Not all of these encodings will process properly.  Specifically .BCH files are saved with UTF-8 encoding, which while common for .PAS and .XML files, does not work for .BCH files.


The error you will see is “Error Reading in Label”

LPS logging shows that the job failed but does not show any reason for the failure


The file editor does not show any issues.



When the same file is saved with ANSI encoding, as shown below:



The file is prints successfully.




Always save .BCH files using ANSI encoding.  

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