The LPS Status Client displays one or more printers in an error state. The printers in question are configured with TCP/IP connection types, jobs are pending instead of printing, and the following error is displayed: 

*(M2231) Error Opening Port ((M1565) Invalid argument. )* 


During the configuration of the printer within the Loftware LLM Device Configuration grid, an unexpected character has been included with the TCP/IP address or Port information when performing a copy/paste operation while entering the printer information.


Delete the specific printer from the LLM Device Configuration grid, then add the same printer by manually typing the information to avoid any unexpected characters.

  1. Open Design 32.
  2. Click File > Devices to open the LLM Device Configuration dialog box.
  3. Click the printer causing the error to select it, and then press Delete.
    Tip: Review all printer options and settings before deleting the printer.
  4. In the confirmation dialog box, click Yes. The printer line is now blank.
  5. Add the printer back in by entering the Family, Model, Port, and Alias name. Be sure not to use any illegal characters.
  6. Configure the options for your printer. 
  7. Stop and start the print server to restart the jobs in the pending directory.

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