When printing a label with ODBC connections from On-Demand Print, the database used by the label is rendered un-editable.


By default, Loftware locks any database files used by labels currently open in any Loftware Label Manager Print Modules. This is a precautionary feature that prevents the structure of the database from being altered while Loftware is retrieving data from it, however, it also prevents records from being added or removed while the label using the database is open.


To force Loftware to unlock the file when it is not actively retrieving records, follow these steps:

Loftware Versions and Later

  1. Select Options | Preferences from Loftware Label Manager or one of the Loftware Print Modules.
  2. Select the tab or node labeled Advanced ODBC and under the Advanced Options section, select Close DB Connection After Each Record Retrieval.
  3. Click OK.

Restart any open Loftware Programs to apply the changes.

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