When dropping files (*.pas, *.csv, or *cmd and *.bch) to print labels connected to a SQL database from the LPS, the files are picked up and moved to the OLEBP directory, but nothing prints.


This error may occur if the SQL database being accessed by your label formats is password protected and requires a user login. When such formats are printed from Loftware Label Manager print modules, such as On-Demand Print, a user login screen is displayed when the label is opened. Printing these formats from the LPS however, requires an additional format configuration.


Note that these steps need to be performed for each label format (*.lwl file) that is connected to your SQL database:

  1. From Design Mode, select File | Open and open one of the labels in question.
  2. Double-click the label's database-key field; the data source configuration screen opens. On this screen, click the Advanced button.
  3. In the advanced connection screen input dialog that is displayed, enter the following information:
    • DSN=DataSourceName - DataSourceName is the name of the SQL data source configured in the ODBC administrator.
    • UID=UserID - UserID is the user name used when logging into the database.
    • PWD=Password - Password is the password used when logging into the database.


  1. Click OK once the connection string has been entered.
  2. Click OK again to close the data source configuration screen and re-save the label.

The label should now print from the LPS without error.

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