When adding a new scan path in the LPS Configuration, you receiving the following error:

 (M4501) Do you want to create this directory?



This normally happens when the logged-in user does not have access to the network directory that you are trying to scan, without first putting in a password. It may appear you have access to the drive because you have a mapped drive that does not need a password to connect to that directory. However if the drive is mapped, in most cases, if a password was required, it is stored the first time you login. The password will not need to be re-entered as long as that drive remains mapped.

However if a password needs to be entered, then Loftware cannot connect because there is no knowledge of the password.


The solution is to have the user gain access to that network directory without having to enter a password. A quick and easy test to see if a password is required is to enter the scan directory path in the Windows search field on the Start menu. For example, in newer versions of Windows (Windows Server 2008, and or Windows 7) you can perform the following steps:

1. Select the Start menu.

2. Once the Start menu opens, place your cursor in the search field (also known as run command).

3. Type in the path in which you are trying to connect to in the LPS configuration section.

4. If you need a password, you will get a box that prompts for a password (this is the issue, as Loftware does not have any way to store a password).


Using the Start menu search field (run command) is an effective way to see if a password is required to access a network drive.

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