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This article provides information to help evaluate PDF Drivers for use with the Loftware Print Server (LPS) or Loftware Label Manager (LLM).


Neither LPS nor LLM have a native PDF Driver. Loftware does not recommend specific third-party PDF Drivers. The information provided herein is to guide customers who are evaluating PDF Drivers. If the information provided in this article does not address your specific need, Loftware’s Professional Services Group (PSG) can provide additional support and services to research and evaluate PDF Drivers for specific PDF printing use cases.

Considerations when Evaluating a PDF Driver for LPS/LLM

The PDF driver selected must have the following capabilities: 

  • Auto naming and auto saving of files.
  • Operation without any interaction with the operating system desktop.
  • Suppression of all error messages.

Free-trial versions often add logos or messages to the final PDF output, in which case the driver may not work as expected with LPS.

PostScript based PDF Drivers can cause issues with some print styles and may not work as expected with LPS.

PDF Printing Use Cases and Requirements To Consider when Evaluating a PDF Driver for LPS/LLM

Customers who need to print to PDF should identify specific PDF printing use cases and related requirements. PDF drivers selected for consideration should be tested against the identified use cases and requirements to insure optimal performance once implemented. Below is a list of common PDF printing use cases:

  • Color printing
  • Printing images with transparent backgrounds and image overlays
  • Printing rotated fields
  • Basic black and white printing
  • Creating sample labels that can be easily distributed for review
  • A method of digitally archiving printed labels
  • A method of archiving labels that can be printed at a later date not using Loftware
  • Specific output resolution requirements


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