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When the SATO printer connect type in Loftware is TCP\IP, jobs sent to printer do not print. A SATO printer set up in Loftware with network connection (TCP\IP) is not printing labels. Job is sent to the printer, however, the print request does not produce any labels and no errors are reported.


SATO printers have a configuration setting called "non standard protocol" which is usually set via a dip switch on the printer. That setting on the printer has to match the setting in Loftware, otherwise the printer does not understand the commands it receives so it discards them and does not print labels.


  1. Check the SATO user's manual for your specific printer model.

  2. Verify that the setting in Loftware matches the setting used on the printer. From the main LLM-Win Design view, select Options and then Preferences.

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All supported LPS family product versions


TCP\IP connection to a SATO printer