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 The Loftware installation fails with error code: 421 - Unable to Launch

Loftware Programs dialog box:

421 - Unable to Launch

C:\Users\ADMIN~1\AppData\Local\Temp\{82D1650D-5746-4274-80FF-EF18F709342B}\{43DE8004-0A56-11D4-8B69-0050DA1FD25A}\clustertool.exe. Setup will continue in non-cluster mode.


This is a rare error that can be caused by a system in the midst of installing Windows updates.  Some of the updates performed require a system reboot, resulting in Windows updates that are in a state of "pending", waiting for a reboot to complete.

When this situation occurs, a portion of the Loftware installation is blocked resulting in the "421 - Unable to launch..." error.

The account performing the installation may find a dialog box in the system tray similar to the following screen shot which indicates that a restart to the Windows system is required to complete the installation of important Windows updates.



Reboot the system, allow the Windows updates to complete, and then run the Loftware installation program again. 



Article Number



Loftware Label Manager or Loftware Print Server versions 8.x or higher


All supported Loftware environments.