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The M10500 error is displayed when printing a label via On Demand Print 32 to a Windows printer.

(M10500) A recoverable device error occured.


The problem actually occurs on the Windows side of this operation. The Loftware Print Server Administrator in your organization should confirm the Windows spooler is working correctly by attempting to print a test job from the Windows Printer configuration for this target printer. Typically they will see a 0x00000007a error that indicates a driver issue.



The following solution must be implemented by a Loftware Print Server Administrator. If you are not a Loftware Print Server Administrator, provide this information to someone in your organization who is.

Note that this is NOT a Loftware Print Server issue. The problem exists with a driver conflict in Windows.

Make sure you are using an administrator profile and do the following in Windows:

  1. Check first the bit version of your windows
  2. Go to c:\windows\System32\spool\drivers
  3. Under the folder that matches your windows bit version (in some cases this may be folder w32x86), you will find the folder "3"
  4. Delete all the files related to your printer's driver in this folder.
  5. Remove the printer from "Devices and printers" and map it again - this will re-install all the drivers files
  6. Re-run the Spooler Print Test Page action
  7. If step 6 is successful, retry the Loftware print job


When you print preview in Design32 Loftware Print Server uses its internal rendering engine to generate the image from the print stream. Within that process Loftware Print Server will make calls via the Windows spooler [the driver] to capture printer preferences i.e. resolution, etc. that is use to create the final image you see on screen within the print preview window.

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All supported LPS family product versions.


All valid, supported environments.