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This article describes how to properly render the output of Diacritic characters on labels. If not properly formatted, Diacritic characters print out as '?' or '⎕'.

Label data input "și mențineți-o într-o poziție confortabilă" prints out as "?i men?ine?i-o ⎕ntr-o pozi?ie confortabil⎕"

Diacritic characters require specific formatting to render properly when printing from LPS. The reason that characters, such as, 'ș'  and î  print out as '?' marks, or '⎕' (boxes) is that these characters are not recognized when using the default font formatting. The '?' denotes an unrecognized single byte character and the '⎕' represents an unrecognized double byte character.

How to properly format and print Diacritic characters

Use the following steps to apply the correct font formatting to the label template field(s) that need to produce Diacritic characters.

  1. Open Design 32.
  2. Open the label.
  3. Select the field that requires this formatting.
  4. Right-click the field and select Edit Field... to view the properties for the field.
  5. Click the ellipsis (...) next to Language Properties. The Language Properties Wizard is displayed.
  6. Click Next. The Font Language Selection is displayed. 
  7. Select Non-Asian.
  8. Click Next. The Font Character Set selection is displayed. 
  9. Select Eastern Europe from the drop-down list.
  10. Click Next. The True Type Font selection is displayed. 
  11. For TrueType Font, select Arial and for Data Format, select Unicode UTF-8.
  12. Click Next. A summary of your Language Properties selections is displayed.
  13. Click Finish.
  14. Test your data and confirm the Diacritic characters now print as expected.

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LPS 10.x - 11.x


Any supported LPS family product environment