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Attributes from the first .lwl file are printing on the second .lwl file when running them through the same Prodigy+ printer. 


For instance the same logo is on both .lwl files. On the first label it is not rotated and on the second label it is rotated. However when printing the logo does not rotate correctly on the second label. 


The memory buffer on the printer is holding attributes of certain fields from the first label to save time printing the second label. However when the label changes it does not know you are printing a second label and keeps the attributes from the first label. 

In order to fix this you need to navigate to: 
* Design 32 
* File 
* Devices 
* Open up the options for the Prodigy+ printer having issues. 
* Make sure the Clear Memory Module box is checked. 


Once this is checked it will clear the memory each time a job is sent down and resolve this issue.

Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions.