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The Global Print Engine option allows the printer to support Unicode formats, and new Printer Specific Option (PSO) settings were added in LLM/LPS version 10.1 SP2.

Setting the New Options

Add the following options to the PSO (Options: Device dialog):

1) Global Printing Engine ( ^ZC ):

     - Checkbox, default = checked

2) Advanced Text Properties ( ^PA ):

   - Default Glyph (Checkbox, default = unchecked)

   - Bidirectional Text Layout (Checkbox, default = checked)

   - Character Shaping (Checkbox, default = checked)

   - OpenType Table Support (Checkbox, default = checked)

ZPLII printer > Options: Device dialog




These commands to support Unicode formats are only available in Zebra firmware versions starting at version x.14.


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All LLM versions 10.1.2 or higher


All supported installation environments