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A print job sent to the Loftware Print Server (LPS) fails.  The LPS Status Client displays the following error for the job:

"Failed to open specified Label Format (_FORMAT). One or more fields have formulas with a circular reference.

 1. Right click on the failed print job in the status client and choose "view file". This will bring up the label file (.xml, .pas, or .csv) Right in the file, it will state why the label failed.


If you attempt to save the label template shown above, 00.lwl, in Design 32, and "Warnings and Errors" is enabled (Design 32 | View | Warnings and Errors) you will receive the following error:

Error: REFTOODEEP. The data source for field 'field_name' has a circular reference or is too complex. 

In the example dialog box below, the field in question is named 'Amp'.


This error occurs because a field has a Formula Data Source and the field is referencing itself in the formula. In other words, the field and the data source are referencing the same thing, being "amp".





You must adjust your template design and the formulas used by fields on the template to ensure that a field doesn't reference itself in the formula. 

Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions.


All supported LPS/LLM environments