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When attempting to print a label, one or both of the following errors display:

(M1542) (3) Socket Error, Failed to Connect to [specified IP:specified Port]

(M1583) Connection Timed out. WSA:10060 [current date/time]


These errors mean that Loftware cannot communicate with the target printer using the IP address and/or port configured for the device. Either these values are incorrect in the printer configuration, or there is a network issue that is preventing communication with the target device.


Verify the printer configuration values for the device in the LLM Designer Configuration.

  1. Start the Loftware Designer
  2. Click on File and select Devices from the list
  3. Locate the target printer and review the TCP/IP and port settings
  4. If the values are correct, attempt to ping the IP address using the Windows command prompt

  5. If you cannot the ping the device, consult with your network administrator

Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions


Any supported LPS family product environment