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When attempting to start LPS as a service, the following error is generated:

Could not start the service Loftware Print Server on <computer name> 0193: %1 is not a valid application

Also in the Event Viewer, the following error may also be displayed:

 Event ID 7000 The Loftware Print Server service failed to start due to the following error: The system cannot find the file specified.


This problem can occur if the folder location of the executable contains spaces in the directory name (long filename).


To correct this problem, modify the registry key containing the executable path to be enclosed in quotation marks or change the executable to use the standard 8.3 (tilde~) path notation.

  1. Locate Using Regedit:   (Start > Run > Type in regedit, press OK)
  2. Find the ImagePath key, should read:
    C:\Program Files\Loftware Labeling\Watchdognt.exe
  3. Highlight and right-click on the path, choose Edit, and change it to:
    Note: If you have installed to a different drive, such as D:&#92 , or you have a different file convention, use that in place of the above example.
    WARNING! Editing the registry can cause irrevocable damage to your operating system. The registry should only be altered by experienced users.


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