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This article discusses when the SAP Interface log indicates an "Incomplete request" error as it processes a stacked RDI file.


12/14/14 19:30:10  [Session Id   1] [Interface - LOFTWARE_OMS_WS_SUBMIT] [ERROR]   [1000000016] Interface Error [Incomplete request]


If stacked RDI requests are being sent from an SAP system to Loftware's Connector for SAP solution (LCfSAP), and the SAP Interface log indicates an "Incomplete request" has been received, the RdiNewLabelOnRepeatElement setting located in the NLINK Configuration.xml file may be set incorrectly.

The RdiNewLabelOnRepeatElement setting controls how incoming stacked RDI requests are parsed by LCfSAP.

When a stacked request is created it may be formatted in one of two ways:

  1. New label request created when an "H Record" is encountered.
  2. New Label request created on duplicate "DLABEL XHEADER" value.


Using an editor such as Notepad, adjust the RdiNewLabelOnRepeatElement setting, then restart the LCfSAP.  If possible, resend the same or a similarly formatted stacked RDI request to the LCfSAP,  and then review the SAP Interface log to ensure the error has been corrected. 

Element Settings
  1. A setting of "FALSE" indicates a new label request should be created when an "H Record" is encountered.
  2. A setting of "TRUE" indictes a new label request is created on duplicate "DLABEL XHEADER" value.



Article Number



Loftware Connector for SAP version 1.5.and higher


Any supported LPS and LCfSAP environment.