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Is it possible to print the same lwl format to both a Zebra140xi and Zebra140xiII?


In Loftware, it is very possible configure the same label to print on two different printers that are in the same Printer Family. However, there is a general rule of thumb that must be adhered to.
Each printer model has certain software, and as long as the printer to which you wish to print has the same software as the other printer, the label should print correctly.
In the example of the 140xi and the 140xiII, the 140xiII has all the software contained in the 140xi, and some additional software as well. Therefore, if a label is designed to run on a 140xi, it also prints on a 140xiII.
To sum the general rule up, if the 2 printers have the same software, they may be configured to print to either one, as Loftware sends the same data stream to both printers. Therefore, the label's target printer must be one of the 3 printers, but the actual physical printer can be one of the other printers.
To print the same lwl format to two different printers, (such as the 140xi) set the target printer in Label Setup (in Design) to the 140xi, and print to the 140xi, or one of the "other" printers, the 140xiII, or 140xiIII.

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