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For the new Datamax family driver (DPL) language, custom commands require the start code, but this code is a low ASCII code and needs to be entered this way. This articles discusses how to enter the ASCII codes for the DPL command.

The following table is from Wikipedia on standard ASCII control codes:



  • When programming for ZPL, control codes need to be entered in the following format, ^XA <commands>^XZ.
  • For Intermec printers, the STX control (start text) does not need to be entered.
  • The Start of Text in this table is defined as STX = HEX 02, or ASCII decimal 02.
  • Hex values cannot be typed into the custom command box using standard keyboard input.


The value for STX must be typed into a program capable of accepting or converting hex to ASCII, such as Notepad++.

For example:

  1. Open Notepad++:
  2. Convert the value from HEX to ASCII.
  3. The resulting code will be the ASCII equivalent of the STX command to start a DPL custom command.

  4. Highlight the conversion and copy it to the Windows clipboard, then it can be pasted into the custom command dialog on the Loftware Label Options or Printer Options dialogs.

    When you do this it will show an ASCII character, or space, this is normal, the underlying value is still HEX 02.

  5. Now you can add the rest of the Datamax command.

    This is the <STX>Q command to clear all modules memory.

As long as the hex value of the system command is known other commands can be entered this same way.

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 LPS / LLM, Spectrum 2.0


Loftware Datamax Family Driver.