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  1. How to Install 32 bit ODBC Driver for Excel 2010 and Later (xlsx)

    Description When configuring a 32 bit ODBC datasource for an Excel file created in Microsoft Office 2010 or above you need to have the driver for .xlsx files … Engine 2010 Redistributable. How to install the 32 bit ODBC driver for Excel 2010 and above Add the steps involved: Download the Microsoft Access Database Engine
  2. Unwanted Decimal Points Or Places In Excel

    to numeric or currency. When the data is retrieved via ODBC, the data is treated exactly as it is defined in Excel. Therefore, numeric or currency fields may … with ODBC when retrieving data from Excel. To resolve this issue, convert all the data in the Excel spreadsheet to TEXT. For a New Worksheet If you are creating
  3. When using an Excel spreadsheet as a Data Source, why does the spreadsheet have to be selected every time during printing?

    and then select Finish. image20161020 16:44:6.png After selecting Finish, the ODBC Microsoft Excel Setup dialog box will appear. Enter the following information … and then navigate to the Excel spreadsheet location image2016106 17:3:24.png Select OK on the Select Workbook screen and then select OK on the ODBC Microsoft
  4. Error M1141 Unable to Open Database

    ) LLMWDLL Unable to open database Solution The error message is caused by the Microsoft jet engine having issues accessing the MS Access Database file. If the file … kbtroubleshootingarticle access microsoft
  5. Data Supplied By an Excel Worksheet Is Displayed As Scientific Notation

    Description When connecting to an Excel Worksheet, numeric data prints in scientific notation on my label. Explanation In Excel, if you enter a numeric value … listed below: Open your worksheet file in Excel (sample.xls). Select File Save As and choose the 'Text (Tab Delimited) (.txt)' Save As Type (sample.txt). Save
  6. Error Following Functions are On and Cannot be used in the Current Environment

    have to permanently turn off Excel Job Control: Navigate to the Windows Start page (lower left Windows Logo, this is hidden until you move your mouse over … the box next to Excel Job Control. image2015219 11:31:58.png Click OK. Once this change has been made, send the print job again. The job should print without
  7. Automatically Linking Labels To Specific Databases

    Description When opening a label with ODBC connections in On Demand or Range Print, I am prompted to select a database to connect to. Is it possible … will occur if you did not select a specific data base for the ODBC data source to link to when creating it in the ODBC Administrator. To configure the data
  8. Database Locked When Using On Demand Or Range Print

    Description When printing a label with ODBC connections from OnDemand Print, the database used by the label is rendered uneditable. Explanation By default … and Later Select Options Preferences from Loftware Label Manager or one of the Loftware Print Modules. Select the tab or node labeled Advanced ODBC
  9. Invalid Column Type From ODBC

    Description Invalid Column Type or Unexpected Column Types error from ODBC. Explanation The field type in the database was changed without reconnecting … Loftware Design and select Options Preferences from the menu bar. Open the Advanced Options tree under Advanced ODBC, and select Allow all Column Types. Related
  10. Tables Not Displaying Under DSN In Data Source Dialog Box

    under "Table." Explanation This problem occurs if the DSN you have set up under the ODBC administrator is not looking for your database file(s) in the correct directory. Solution Follow these steps to point your DSN to the proper directory: Press Start Programs Loftware Labeling Data Sources (ODBC). Select your