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  1. Error M1156 An error occured drawing symbol

    Message Datamatrix barcode is not printing on the label. (M1156) An error occured drawing symbol. Explanation When trying to generate a Datamatrix barcode … Datamatrix barcode to print too large. The fixed Datamatrix symbol sizes were tried to better size the Datamatrix barcode. The (M1156) An Error occured drawing
  2. Datamatrix Error Correction

    that a Datamatrix bar code can encode is dependent on its error correction level property. Click on the Datamatrix bar code in question with your label open in Design Mode … that is only visible to Loftware users. Linked Jira Author Incident/Case Number Review Date 3/14/2003 kbtroubleshootingarticle datamatrix error
  3. Using Datamatrix Format ID and Error Correction Level settings

    Description Information regarding these two settings used in creating the Datamatrix symbol. How to use the Format ID and Error Correction when designing … Jira Incident Number Author Michael Alley Review Date 1/23/2017 datamatrix format kbhowtoarticle error
  4. Reserved Field Name For Fixed-Sized Datamatrix Symbols

    Description How do I print a fixedsize Datamatrix symbol on label designed for a Zebra printer? Solution A partial reserved field name, DMFixSize, instructs … FieldName is case insensitive, which means that any Datamatrix field on a Zebra (ZPL) label that starts with the characters "DMFixSize" will be subject
  5. Create a Datamatrix symbol with cell height greater than 20 pixels

    Description Loftware does not support the ability to print datamatrix symbols with cell heights of more than 20 pixels, but the printer supports this natively. Creating a label with a Datamatrix symbol and attempt to set the Cell Height to a value greater than 20. The Cell Height is automatically reset to 20
  6. Configure a Datamatrix Symbol to a Specific mil Size

    Description Some Datamatrix (2D barcode) specifications require that the symbol Cell Height be a specific dimension in mils (.001 inches). This can be computed … as well as a shortcut method. How to Configure a Datamatrix Symbol to 30 mils Manual Computation Method Example: Resolution 300 pixels/inch 1 inch/1000mils = .3
  7. Labels With Valid Windows File Names Will Not Print In LWA

    Description When selecting label to print, the following message appears in Loftware WebAccess: msg 1111 Unable to parse data, error … with Error Explanation The selected label's file name contains characters that are not supported in Loftware Web Access. The following characters may not be used
  8. How to Determine a Datamatrix Bar Code's Height in Mils

    Description DataMatrix Symbology bar codes have a Cell Height value listed as one of the bar code's Properties image2017118 19:41:25.png How does this Cell Height value equate to the actual printed bar code's height in mils? A customer has a requirement for a Datamatrix bar code to be printed with a height of 19.5
  9. LCD on Zebra Printer Displays OUT OF MEMORY STORING GRAPHIC

    Description When attempting to print a label containing images from Loftware, some Zebra printer models, like the 105SL, may display a message on the LCD … OF MEMORY STORING GRAPHIC on the LCD when an attempt is made to store this file name on the printer. Solution Reminder: The OUT OF MEMORY STORING GRAPHIC message
  10. Checking Permissions On a Network Drive Using the Run Command

    Description When adding a new scan path in the LPS Configuration, you receiving the following error: (M4501) Do you want to create this directory? 132013 91801 AM.jpg Explanation This normally happens when the loggedin user does not have access to the network directory that you are trying to scan, without first