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  1. Voice Pick Code Script for Mixed Pallet Labeling

    This table provides information that is visible only to Loftware users. Linked Jira Incident Number Author John MacDonald Review Date voice voicepick pti pick 7 … Description This article describes how to create a voice pick code or voiceCode on a label used for shipping produce using field level scripting. The Voice
  2. Printing Inverse Text

    Date 3/12/2003 inverse voice pick code
  3. Label of 7 Inches Being Truncated in Sato M8XX Printers

    Description When trying to print a label on a Sato M84 Pro that is over 7 inches in length, the bottom part of the label is getting truncated or cut off … . There are three settings: 7 inches For any label that is below 7 inches in length or width if rotated. 14 inches For any label that is below 14 inches in length
  4. How To Uninstall an Unsupported Version of LPS or LLM on a Newer Version of Windows

    (such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 10, or Server 2012 or 2012R2) and now needs to be removed. If you go to the Control Panel and use Add/Remove Programs and try to remove LPS or LLM … 11/3/2015 older version lps 7 windows unsupported versions 7x 8x 8 llm kbhowtoarticle 2012
  5. QR Code Symbology Known Issues

    Description There are 2 known issues with the QR Code symbology. A QR Code encoded with one character will not print properly or scan if Error Correction set to Q or H. A printed QR code will not match Symbol Size in Design if Force Max Chars is enabled. Reproduce OneCharacter Issue Create a QR Code and supply one
  6. Substituting Bar Codes On TEC Printers

    Description Substituting or Remapping Bar Codes on TEC Printers is implemented through the use of the following reserved field names: Codabar, QRCode, RoyalMail, and KIX. Solution To create Codabar, QRCode, RoyalMail, or KIX bar code symbologies, make the following substitutions in Symbology and Field Names
  7. Remapping the Zebra Code Page to Match the Windows Code Page

    a code point into a table of values, known as a code page, that describe all characters supported by that code page. The issue is that the Windows Code Page and the Zebra Code Page do not match. Most of the characters in the two code pages match, like numbers, lower and upper case letters, and punctuation symbols
  8. How to Determine a Datamatrix Bar Code's Height in Mils

    Description DataMatrix Symbology bar codes have a Cell Height value listed as one of the bar code's Properties image2017118 19:41:25.png How does this Cell Height value equate to the actual printed bar code's height in mils? A customer has a requirement for a Datamatrix bar code to be printed with a height of 19.5
  9. Using Datamax Alternate Control Codes

    Description Datamax printers have the ability to allow for alternate control codes to be used. Loftware has the ability to allow for the use of these alternate control codes. Solution Select Non Standard Protocol from the Datamax section in Preferences. Datamax Non Standard Protocol.png Result With this Preference
  10. ASCII Tab Characters Do Not Encode Properly in Barcode Field

    character ascii tab kbtroubleshootingarticle bar code encode