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  1. Scripting Basics

    it sometimes makes it easier to trouble shoot a script with the //comments. This is especially helpful if the script is large and complex. Related Articles Article … Description Here is a discussion of creating a script that changes a field's text from any case to upper case. Prerequisites Label with the following fields
  2. Script To Set Date Mask On Keyboard Field

    Description You may have the need to have userentered dates all conform to a certain date format, such as mm/dd/yyyy, regardless of how the users have entered the dates. Solution Create a script to adjust the date mask. The following script is an example of how to manipulate a date Keyboard field for dates using
  3. Useful Scripting Functions

    Description This article outlines a few functions that are extremely useful when using the Field Level Scripting in Loftware. Most of the Loftware commands … to see how someone could easily mistype this lengthy string. Functions can be cut and pasted into the script to reduce the required typing. function getData
  4. How to Use a String Replacement Script

    Description The following is an example of a string replacement script developed to allow the passing of a FNC1() character in a .pas or .xml data file. This concept can be applied to other scenarios where character sequences in the data from the input file is not allowed. How to use a label script to replace a string
  5. Using a Script to Inverse a Label Field

    a script. How to create a script to change the inverse property of a label field The actual script to change the inverse property of a field is as follows … field script Duplicate article number
  6. Create a Script To Define a Printing Field Property

    creating scripts in a text editor such as Notepad and copying into the Data Source window). worddav8f3a32b9544e671ba6a61b83001f0775.png Related Articles Article … Description Create a field level script that prints (or does not print) a field based on the value of a key field. This is useful if you need to create a label
  7. Java Script Basic Sample to Modify Expire Date

    Description This article describes a Java script that calculates a future date, based on a date passed to a field on the label. Solution The script parses the date passed to the label and then can be configured to add a specified number of days to the date which is passed into a new field on the label. The script used
  8. How To Center a Code 39 Full ASCII Barcode Using Java Script

    Description How to center a Code 39 Full ASCII barcode using a Java Script datasource. This can also be used with standard Code 39 with a minor modification. How to Center a Code 39 Full ASCII Barcode using Java Script Use the following Script, but replace 'CODE39' with the name of your data input field. A Line field
  9. Script to Calculate the Difference Between Dates in Days

    . This can be done with a script. How to Create a Script to Calculate the Difference between Dates in Days The following script will compare a user entered date to the current date, and calculate the difference between the 2, putting the resulting number of days onto the label for printing. The script may be modified
  10. Script to Change the Color of a Line

    Description When you want to change the color of a line based upon a different field, use the script described in this article. A Script to Change the Color of a Line Changing the color of a line can be done with the following script, using multiple colors of the same line stacked directly on top of each other