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  1. How To Uninstall an Unsupported Version of LPS or LLM on a Newer Version of Windows

    (such as Windows 7, 8, 8.1 10, or Server 2012 or 2012R2) and now needs to be removed. If you go to the Control Panel and use Add/Remove Programs and try to remove LPS or LLM … 11/3/2015 older version lps 7 windows unsupported versions 7x 8x 8 llm kbhowtoarticle 2012
  2. Voice Pick Code Script for Mixed Pallet Labeling

    This table provides information that is visible only to Loftware users. Linked Jira Incident Number Author John MacDonald Review Date voice voicepick pti pick 7
  3. Label of 7 Inches Being Truncated in Sato M8XX Printers

    32: Navigate to the start menu or start page (in Windows 8.1 or Server 2012). Go to All programs Loftware Labeling Design 32 image2015720 20:35:29.png Go to File … Description When trying to print a label on a Sato M84 Pro that is over 7 inches in length, the bottom part of the label is getting truncated or cut off
  4. Windows Printers

    The articles in this section pertain to Windows printers. windowsprinter
  5. Conflicts Between Windows Printers And Direct Port Printing In Loftware Label Manager (LLM-WIN32)

    Incident/Case Number Review Date 7/17/2006 kbtroubleshootingarticle windows port … . Solution These issues may arise if your system has a Windows printer configured to use the same port you are attempting to print directly to from Loftware Label
  6. Migrating Windows Printers Using 2008 R2 Tools

    Description In the process of migrating Loftware from an older server to a new 2008 R2 server Windows printers are often "lost" in this process. By Migrating them all at once it is possible to prevent this. Solution Below are the steps to move printers from any Windows system to a 2008 R2 server system using builtin
  7. Windows Server 2003 - Failed To Open Specified Label Format

    Description Customers that are upgrading to Windows Server 2003 may see the following error in the LPS Status Client when running LPS as a Service: Failed … kbtroubleshootingarticle server windows 2003
  8. Jobs Sent to a Windows Printer Have Pending Status

    :57.png Solution To resolve this issue, clear the Enable bidirectional support check box on all configured Windows drivers being used by Loftware to disable … Versions All supported LPS family product versions Environment Any supported Windows environment This table provides information that is visible only to Loftware
  9. Cab Printer Using Unneeded Color Ribbon on Label with Ribbon Saver Selected in Printing Preferences

    on the printer. Go to Printing preferences. Under the advanced tab, make sure the ribbon saver option is checked Go into Options. In the options window, under Print … only to Loftware users. Linked Jira Incident Number Author Review Date kbtroubleshootingarticle driver windows optimization image
  10. Error 421 Unable to Launch...clustertool.exe.

    of installing Windows updates. Some of the updates performed require a system reboot, resulting in Windows updates that are in a state of "pending", waiting … performing the installation may find a dialog box in the system tray similar to the following screen shot which indicates that a restart to the Windows system