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  1. LPS Print Service Fails To Start in LPS Configuration With Mapped/Networked Scan Folders

    folders are validated, restart the LPS Print service and verify that jobs are now being processed as expected. LPSServiceStop.jpg If the target folder … FIlesXTERA' Log into the LPS server using the same account running the LPS service. From the LPS console, click on the Service Manager, and stop the Loftware Print
  2. Error Windows Could not Start the Loftware Print Server Service on Local Computer

    http://loftjira/browse/OOB497 Incident Number 00093609 Author Chad Boivin Review Date 10/09/2014 lps 0xc1 193 kbtroubleshootingarticle print service error … Description When trying to start the Loftware Print Server service the following error is generated: image2014109 14:7:40.png Investigate After receiving
  3. Error M4803 Failed to Connect to Batch Print Server, Class Not Registered

    was still running. When the new server was brought up and licensed, the Watchdog service was listed in the Windows Task Manager as a process that appeared to be running. It could not be removed, every time it was removed and Task Manager was closed, it would reappear under processes in Task Manager. image20161014 15:7
  4. Multiple CPU Support

    if desired, or on a quad or more processor machine, on as many processors as desired. Note: This is similar to opening the Task Manager Processes tab, rightclicking an executable (LPS = llmwbp32.exe and Watchdognt.exe). Then leftclick on Affinity and select the processors to use. Because Loftware is a service and can be set
  5. Stacked Job Request Shows Pending in the LPS Status Client After Job Prints

    Problem A stacked job request shows Pending in the LPS Status Client after the label job prints. Subsequent stacked job requests remain Pending. Explanation … .lwl SONFGSO001(original).lwl SCRIPT.txt SONFGSO001.docx Article Number 2017071 Versions LPS version 9.5 and higher. Environment Any supported LPS family
  6. Configuration Utility: General Tab

    Description This page provides information on the components located in the General tab of the Loftware Print Server Configuration Utility. Information LPS … ) path (ws1drop). 20151007171200.png Before Scan directories can be configured or added, the LPS (Windows) service must be stopped. General
  7. Loftware Client Programs Cannot Connect to Active LPS

    Description Loftware client programs cannot connect to active LPS, even if an llmwclnt.ini file is properly configured. Potential Causes "Enable WDPing Response" has been disabled and/or UDP traffic is blocked to the server or at least to port 2723. Steps to determine Cause Ensure that the LPS service is started
  8. LPS Service Hangs in a "Starting" or "Stopping" State

    Description When trying to start or stop the LPS service from either services.msc or the LPS Service Manager, the LPS service hangs in a "Starting" or "Stopping" state. No error message displays on screen or is added to a log file. You may also see that WatchDogNT.exe is running within task manager but llmwbp32.exe
  9. Error M4715 Detected Another Running Instance of the Loftware Print Server

    Description The Loftware Print Server (LPS) can run either as a service or interactively. Most commonly, the LPS runs as a service, however, there may … service is running and must be stopped before LPS Interactive can be launched. M4715.jpg Solution Use either the Microsoft Management Console or the Loftware Print
  10. Error M4722 There was an Error While Attempting to Change the Service Configuration

    Message While trying to install the Loftware Print Server (LPS) service, the Loftware Print Server Installation Error dialog box displays with the following error: (M4722) There was an error while attempting to change the service configuration! M47221.jpg Explanation The cause of the above error could be caused