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  1. Script to Calculate the Difference Between Dates in Days

    . This can be done with a script. How to Create a Script to Calculate the Difference between Dates in Days The following script will compare a user entered date to the current date, and calculate the difference between the 2, putting the resulting number of days onto the label for printing. The script may be modified
  2. Script to Change the Color of a Line

    Description When you want to change the color of a line based upon a different field, use the script described in this article. A Script to Change the Color of a Line Changing the color of a line can be done with the following script, using multiple colors of the same line stacked directly on top of each other
  3. Script to simulate changing an Increment Decrement field's "By Value" property

    and will be used to determine which of the three Incr/Decr fields to turn printing on for. The script is as follows; //define variables var inc = String … vary. image201645 13:11:7.png How to simulate changing the "By Value" property of an Increment Decrement Field. While you cannot actually alter the By Value
  4. How to manage Javascript rounding errors

    Description The Loftware Label Manager (LLM) has a powerful tool in the form of the Script Data Source. JavaScript allows for complex logic to be added to labels but in some cases the way JavaScript handles mathematical operations can cause issues. Unlike other script and programming languages JavaScript does
  5. Field Level Scripting Overview

    Description Basics of how to develop field level scripts for Loftware labels. How to create field level scripts Requirements: Label with a field with data … not include the operator (cutoff = currentyear 1) the script treats currentyear as a string and you would get 091 as the result since can be used as addition
  6. How to Simulate Multiple Page Form Printing with a Script

    Description LLM does not support printing multiple page documents, but applying a script can simulate this behavior to an extent. The following example demonstrates the simulation of multipage form printing using a script. How to simulate multipage form printing using a script Caution: A large number of pages
  7. Script to Return Date With Month In Various Formats

    Description Sometimes a customer will have a requirement to put a date on a label in a nonstandard fashion. This can be accomplished using a script to break … in the script with the twocharacter month representations Associate the array to the month/date/year selection, returning the two character month choice in the required
  8. Script Example: Format Specific Words with Character Level Formatting

    characters or words can be formatted differently than other parts of the same field. This article outlines how to use the JavaScript replace() method to automatically apply formatting. How to Use the JavaScript replace() Method When creating a script in LLM, the programming language that is used is JavaScript. JavaScript
  9. Label Field Value is Growing when Quantity is Greater Than 1 with Script

    Problem When printing a single label, the output to the label from a script appears to be correct, but when a quantity of more than 1 is printed, the field … uses the value stored in memory from the last label printed instead of using the initial request. The script is able to alter these stored values when you print
  10. XML Parser Error 'Element data is unexpected'

    to content model of parent element ' field'. Explanation There is a "data" statement in the script being used to replace field data that does not have … . For this article the following is an example script: image2014113 8:54:33.png Once the script is complete, select the Verify Script button. image2014113 8:56