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What are the Graphic memory options with Zebra Printers?


Zebra printers have several memory storage options when printing images. The decision as to which type of memory to use is dependent upon such things as how often the graphic will be used, how many graphics need to be stored, graphic size, the Printer Model, and the firmware of the printer.
In Loftware, 3 choices for Graphic Storage are available in Printer Options - (F6 or File|Printers):


This is also known as volatile memory, and if the printer is powered off, the graphics are lost. If you use the same graphic often, this may not be the best storage solution.


This is a battery-backup type memory and retains its contents even when the power is turned off.


This is a memory card which can be removed from the printer, however this may offer only limited storage and may not be a viable storage solution if you are attempting to retain a large number of graphics in memory.
Note: Not all of these memory options are available on all Printer Models.

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