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How do I Download and Remap Fonts for a Zebra Printer?


Zebra: Font Re-map and Download Instructions

Some Zebra printers are capable of storing fonts. Zebra provides a utility called ZTools that allows TrueType Fonts [TTF] to be downloaded to a memory location.
Note: Contact Zebra for information regarding your printer's capability of storing fonts and for the latest version of ZTools. Loftware's Font Re-Map capability is in addition to the TrueType font category selection in the Loftware Label Manager Design Mode Properties Box.
Important: Do an Options/Test Print from ZTools to verify that the font is successfully downloaded to the printer.
Loftware Label Manager takes advantage of font re-map by substituting native fonts in the printer and re-mapping them to pre-downloaded TTF fonts. Up to three different fonts may re-mapped and defined in the printer by choosing Options/Preferences/Zebra tab.

Font Download Instructions

  1. Copy the Fonts you want into a folder on your C Drive
  2. In ZTools, choose Convert | TrueType from the menu
  3. Enter the following commands in DOS.
    C:\CD>ZTools\Fonts [enter]
    C:\ZTools\Fonts>COPY fontname.zst LPT1:

Font Remap Instructions

  1. Open Loftware in Design Mode.
  2. Select Options | Preferences from the Menu Bar.
  3. Double-Click on Zebra or click on the + symbol to open the drop-down list.
  4. Click on Font 1.

An example of available options is shown to the right in the Preferences dialog box.

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