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The Loftware native Zebra drivers have evolved over time to take advantage of new functionality introduced into the ZPL II printer language as well as handle situations where some language commands have been obsoleted. The purpose of this article is to highlight some of the known Zebra firmware version dependencies when printing via the Loftware solutions.

Z64 Compression

Introduced in Zebra firmware version Vxx.17.xx, Z64 compression improves performance when printing large amounts of data. To take advantage of Z64 compression you need to ensure that your printer firmware version is Vxx.17.xx or later. The Loftware native drivers have a setting to turn this capability off in the event the firmware is not upgradeable.

Erase Graphics Command

Zebra is no longer supporting the Erase Graphics command (~EG) and it has been replaced with the ^ID command. To ensure compatibility with newer Zebra firmware versions, the ZPL II family driver has been updated to use ^ID. Loftware recommends upgrading your printer firmware version if it is older than Vxx.17.xx. 


Loftware recommends keeping your printer firmware and Loftware solution software up to date.

Please contact Loftware Technical Support if you have questions on upgrading your software.

Please visit for the latest printer and firmware information.

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 LLM, LPS - All versions


All supported installation environments.