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When printing to a Windows printer from Loftware Label Manager, only one label prints, regardless of the quantity or number of duplicates requested.


This issue may arise if you are using a Windows printer driver that does not support the standard method used by Loftware Label Manager for printing more than one label. As a result, it may be necessary to configure LLM to forego the standard quantity and duplicates commands and configure it to simply re-send the label once for each quantity or duplicate requested. This method of printing is known as printing in "extended-mode" and the following steps detail one possible way to cause Loftware Label Manager to operate in this mode, thus resolving the issue.

  1. In LLM Design Mode, open one of the label formats being printed to your windows printer.
  2. Switch to the On-Demand Print Form view by selecting View | On Demand Print Form from the Design menu bar.
  3. Select the "ab" icon from the toolbox and then click on the On-Demand Print form to place a variable text field.
  4. Double-click the variable text field to open data source configuration. From the list of data sources, select "Incr/Decr" and in the "Clear Value" box type "0". Click OK; re-save the label.

The label now prints in "extended-mode". Repeat these steps for each label format being printed to the Windows printer.

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 All Loftware Versions [LLM-WIN32]


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