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This Article will address two potential reasons for a Generic Text Spooler to be used:

  1. The target printer is connected locally to a remote system on the network.

  2. Trouble shooting issues printing to a printer that is connected to the network.


Loftware Direct (no Spooler): Without the use of a Windows Spooler, the Loftware system manages the network communications to the printer, handling socket communications directly with the printer. Jobs are produced by Loftware, then the socket communications are opened and closed (managed) by the Loftware application. If Loftware is unable to communicate with the printer at the time the print job is created, the print job is held by Loftware in a 'pending' state. When Loftware is able to establish the socket communication, the job is sent to the printer for physical printing.

Generic Text Spooler: When printing Loftware through a Windows Generic Text Spooler, the Operating System manages the communications to the printer (not Loftware). Jobs are produced by Loftware, then Loftware sends the jobs to the Spooler (not the printer). There is no direct communication between Loftware and the Printer. This is similar to the configuration using a Windows driver except that Loftware is still using its built-in driver and is only using the spooler for communication. If the Spooler (Operating System) is unable to communicate with the printer, the jobs are held in the spooler until communications is re-established. Once re-established, the spooler and printer communicate for printing.

Troubleshooting Tool: Using a Generic Text Spooler is one method to determine whether there may be a potential problem with communications to your printer, and that Loftware is properly producing the jobs. If the print jobs make it from Loftware into the Spooler, you have established that Loftware is producing the jobs. At that time, the jobs have been produced by Loftware, and the Generic Text Spooler has assumed control and responsibility for passing the jobs to the printer. If the jobs do not print, you have a potential problem between your Operating System, Network communications and/or your printer(s). Jobs can be held in the spooler, if the spooler is 'paused.' This is one way to see that Loftware has successfully produced the jobs.


When any of the above problems are presented, adding a Generic Text Spooler to handle the printer communication is recommended.

How to Create a Generic Text Spooler

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