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When using Design 32 to save a label the warning "FIELDOFFLABEL" appears but there doesn't appear to be any fields close to being off the label!

Warning: FIELDOFFLABEL: Field 'xxxxxxxx' is partly off the label.  ( 'xxxxxxxx' can represent any field name)


From time-to-time our support team receives a question about this Warning message.  If you look at the label shown below you'll see four fields, three Text fields and one Box field.

None of the fields are off the label and it would appear there are no Label fields as indicated by the field name listed in the warning: Labe0014. 

So, why would a FIELDOFFLABEL warning be shown and why would a Label field be indicated when none appear to exist?

The answer is that this Label field certainly does exist and it is off the label, but as can be the case, you simply can't see it.


Now, lets discuss how to resolve this issue.

The first step is to open the Properties box within Design 32 if it's not already open. From Design 32's menu select View and then Properties so the Properties window will appear.

Next, from the drop down list within the Properties window, locate and select the field name which matches the field name shown in the Warning message. In this example it's Labe0014.


After the field is selected, the properties of that field will be displayed in the Properties window.

Looking at the image below we see that Labe0014 is in fact a Label field and the negative values for Position Top and Position Left will definitely place this field off the label. Another interesting point is that the Label Text value is empty, so that's why this field is not visible.

At this point, since Labe0014 is selected in the Properties window, we could simply click Edit then Delete from the menu, or press the Delete key, to remove this unwanted field from the label. The label can now be saved and the FIELDOFFLABEL warning will no longer appear.

For those more curious, this field can be "seen" by entering some data into the Label Text property. In the screen shot below, the value TEST was placed in the Label Text. Also, the Zoom Level was changed from "To Fit" to "50%" to display a bit more of the canvas around the label, as field Labe0014 is well outside the label.

Now, as indicated before, click Edit then Delete, or press the Delete key to remove the unwanted field from the label. The label can now be saved without the FIELDOFFLABEL warning appearing.




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Loftware Label Manager and Loftware Print Server version 9.5 and higher


All supported LLM and LPS environments