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Information regarding these two settings used in creating the Datamatrix symbol.

How to use the Format ID and Error Correction when designing a Datamatrix barcode

  1. Open label template
  2. Select target Datamatrix barcode
  3. Right click on selected barcode and select Edit Field
  4. Identify the Format ID and ECC properties

Format ID Accepted Values (0 to 6): 
1 = field data is numeric + space (0..9,") - No \&''
2 = field data is uppercase alphanumeric + space (A..Z,'') - No \&''
3 = field data is uppercase alphanumeric + space, period, comma, dash, and slash (0..9,A..Z,".-/")
4 = field data is upper-case alphanumeric + space (0..9,A..Z,'') - no \&''
5 = field data is full 128 ASCII 7-bit set
6 = field data is full 256 ISO 8-bit set

NOTE: Format ID setting is ignored if Error Correction Level is set to ECC 200

ECC200 is the newest version of Data Matrix and supports advanced encoding error checking and correction algorithms (such as Reed-Solomon). ECC200 allows the routine reconstruction of the entire encoded data string when the symbol has sustained 30% damage, assuming the matrix can still be accurately located. Data Matrix has an error rate of less than 1 in 10 million characters scanned.

Article Number



9.x, 10.x, 11.x



This table provides information that is visible only to Loftware users.