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When using a job file for the LPS that are in the batch (bch) format, sometimes it's advantageous to have a different delimiter character between the data values. This can be setup as a Loftware preference, but care needs to be taken in the setup when using special formatting characters like a carriage return, or a tab character.

How to Setup a Custom Delimiter Character.

From Design32, navigate the menu to Options > Preferences > Print Modules > Range and Batch.

If a delimiter is a character, then enter the character or its ascii decimal value.  For example to use the percent sign as a delimiter enter either % or 37.

If the character is a formatting character, such as a TAB or a Carriage Return, then the ASCII value must be used, 09 = TAB.

Potential Delimiter Character Issues

  1. Delimiter character decimal values must be two digits long. To use a TAB character you must use the value 09 not 9.  
  2. Unrecognized delimiter character (such as a single digit) will cause the fields to not separate.
    A single digit delimiter will not be recognized: 

When a batch file (bch) is read, the first value is the Loftware label format name, but since the delimiter isn't recognized Loftware reads all the values in the file, strips out the white space, and uses this as the label format name:

After changing the delimiter to 09, the file processes normally.


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