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When printing a label connected to an Excel spreadsheet, data occasionally prints with unwanted decimal points and or decimal places, even though the data in Excel does not contain these decimal places.


In Excel, if all the data in a column is numeric only, Excel automatically converts the data to numeric or currency. When the data is retrieved via ODBC, the data is treated exactly as it is defined in Excel. Therefore, numeric or currency fields may contain decimal points and or 0's to fill the field when printed. For example, data that is displayed in Excel as 23 may print as 23.00.
This is a known issue with ODBC when retrieving data from Excel.
To resolve this issue, convert all the data in the Excel spreadsheet to TEXT.
For a New Worksheet
If you are creating a new worksheet, before entering any data, highlight all cells and select Format | Cells from the menu bar. Highlight Text under the "Number" tab for all columns.
For an Existing worksheet:

  1. Open your worksheet file in Excel (name.xls).
  2. Select File | Save As, choose Text (Tab Delimited) (.txt) *Save As Type (name.txt).
  3. Save the File into a directory. Example (c:\excel\name.txt).
  4. Close the worksheet.
  5. Choose File | Open, select the worksheet you just exported (name.txt).The Excel "Text Import Wizard" is displayed.
  6. Choose Delimited for Step 1 and Tab for Step 2.
  7. For Step 3, set all columns to Text, click Finish.
  8. Save the file as an Excel file (ie; name.xls).
  9. Print the file.

If you receive ODBC errors, you may need to reconnect the label to the Worksheet.


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