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When you close a detached toolbar, the toolbar does not reappear. When going into View and then checking the missing toolbar to be visible, it still does not display.


You can detach any toolbar from Design 32, and then reattach it by dragging it back onto Design 32. However if you close the toolbar independently of Design 32 there is a process that needs to be completed in order for the toolbar to appear again.


Takes these steps in order to make the detached closed toolbar reappear:

  1. In Design 32 migrate to View and then place a check box next to the toolbar that is missing.

  2. Once the toolbar is checked then close down Design 32.

  3. Re-open Design 32, look to the same spot where you closed the toolbar from previously and your toolbar should appear after Design 32 opens successfully.

  4. Loftware suggests that you re-attach the toolbar back to Design 32.  Drag the toolbar back into Design 32. Once you release the bar, Design 32 it will re-attach back into the program.



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All supported LPS family product versions.


All supported environments.