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When printing serial to an Intermec 4400, I receive an "Internal syntax error 50" message.


This error may be occurring because the printer is configured to use a media type other than what is actually loaded in the printer.

  1. Select File / Printers from Design or one of the Print Modules.
  2. Select the 4400 from the list of Configured Printers and click "Connection".
  3. Click "Reset to Defaults". The printer reboots.
  4. Take the printer offline, then enter the printer menu.
  5. Go to Configuration > Label > Media type and change the media type setting to match what is in the printer.
  6. Reset the printer, and try to test print from Design Mode.

If the error is not resolved, it may be due to printer memory corruption. Contact your printer manufacturer for further information.


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 All supported LPS family product versions


Any supported LPS Family product environment