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Is it possible to have a single digit date in my date field(s)?


Single Digit Years were implemented in Ver. This was expanded in Ver.6.0+ to include single-digit days and months as well. To enable the use of single digit dates in a custom time/date field, follow these steps:

  1. Select Options > Preferences from Loftware's Design Mode or one of the print modules.
  2. Open Design Options and place a check mark in the box(es) labeled "Allow Single Digit Year/Months/Days in Date Fields".
  3. Click OK and exit Design to save the setting.

For more information and examples on Single-Digit Formats, see the Data Sources chapter of Rev.14 or greater in the LLM User's Guide, online or in PDF format on this website.


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Loftware Label Manager (LLMWIN32) Ver - Ver 6x +


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