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Using the **QUANTITY field to set the number of labels to print.


The Loftware Design program features the *Quantity reserved field name. The ***QUANTITY field is an extremely flexible way of specifying the number of labels to print, in that its value can be pulled from any of the standard Loftware variable field data sources, such as a formula or database. The following example demonstrates how to use a **QUANTITY field to make a simple box labe.
This example shows you how to make a box label that indicates the total number of boxes in a set, as well as an individual number for each box: I.E. "1 of 3", "2 of 3", "3 of 3".

  1. Place 2 variable fields on a your label and set the "Max # of Chars" for each to 3, and "Padding" to Leading Zeros.
  2. Place a fixed field with text "of" between the two fields.
  3. Set the name for the right-hand variable field to **QUANTITY
  4. Double click the left-hand variable field and set its Data Source to Incr/Decr. Set "By Value" to 1 and set the "Clear Value" to 1.
  5. Save the label, then re-open it in On-Demand Print.
  6. Enter the number of labels you want to print, then click the print button in the box labeled **QUANTITY.



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