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When printing a large label on an Intermec Printer, the printer goes into an error state after the first 6 inches of the label print.


When printing a label that is longer than 6" in length to an Intermec printer, you need to configure the label length within the printer via Printer Setup Options (PSOs):

  1. Open Loftware in Design Mode; select File > Printers from the Menu Bar.
  2. Highlight your Intermec printer from the list of configured printers and click Printer Setup. In Loftware Version 7x +, click on Options in the LLM Printer Configuration Grid.
  3. Set Max Label Length such that: Max Label Length = Label Length (inches) x Resolution of Printer (DPI).

To print an 8 inch label to a 300 DPI printer, set Max Label Length to 2400 pixels (8 X 300).
To print an 6 inch label to a 203 DPI printer, set Max Label Length to 1218 pixels (6 X 203)

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