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When attempting to modify a Label Group using the Loftware Connector for SAP Configuration UI you receive the error: "Server Error in '/sapcon' Application." Runtime Error

Full Error message: Server Error in '/sapcon' Application. Runtime Error (similar to message shown in screen shot below)


This error prevents the user from being able to add or remove Labels from the desired Label Group. Because this error is due to a timeout within IIS, other areas of the Configuration UI may be affected similarly, for example if adding, modifying, or removing Rules, Labels or Label Types. Potential cause is the "Request execution timeout (seconds)" setting in the ASP.NET Configuration Settings section of the /sapcon site may be set too low. The default setting is 110 seconds.


Increase the timeout setting from the default of 110 seconds. The instructions below show the setting being increased to 200 seconds; however, some experimentation may be necessary to determine the needed value.

  1. Launch the IIS Configuration tool (Control Panel | Administrative Tools | Internet Information Services)
  2. Navigate to the sapcon site (local computer | Web Sites | Default Web Site | sapcon)
  3. Right click on the "sapcon" site and select Properties.
  4. In the "sapcon Properties" dialog box, select the ASP.NET tab.
  5. Click the "Edit Configuration..." button.
  6. In the "ASP.NET Configuration Settings" dialog box, select the Application tab.
  7. Increase the "Request execution timeout (seconds)" setting to the desired setting. (See screen shot below).
  8. Click the OK button to close any previously opened dialog boxes.


Article Number



Loftware Connector for SAP and higher

All supported LPS family product versions


Windows XP, Windows Server 2003