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How do I print a fixed-size Datamatrix symbol on label designed for a Zebra printer?


A partial reserved field name, DMFixSize, instructs the Zebra driver to calculate and set the number of Rows & Columns based on the field's physical size and LineWidth parameters in Loftware Design. The reserved FieldName is case insensitive, which means that any Datamatrix field on a Zebra (ZPL) label that starts with the characters "DMFixSize" will be subject to this behavior.
For Example
DMFixSize_Field1, dMfixSIZECustomer, dmfixsizeProdID would all exhibit the fixed size behavior.

  • This behavior does NOT apply to Datamatrix symbols that are printed as a graphic.
  • The firmware in the printer must support this capability. Check with Zebra to determine if your firmware is compatible.
  • If the data supplied is not all numeric, the symbol may end up printing larger. However, with this functionality, if the symbol size that is specified is not large enough to hold the data supplied at print time the symbol will not print.

Article Number



 Loftware Label Manager 9.6 or later


All supported installation environments.