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There are 2 known issues with the QR Code symbology.

  • A QR Code encoded with one character will not print properly or scan if Error Correction set to Q or H.
  • A printed QR code will not match Symbol Size in Design if Force Max # Chars is enabled.

Reproduce One-Character Issue

  1. Create a QR Code and supply one character of data to the field
  2. Set the Error Correction to Q or H.
    The QR Code will be larger than expected and it will not scan

Reproduce Force Max # Chars Issue

  1. Create a QR Code and set the data source to Fixed.
  2. Add 2000 characters of data
  3. Enable Force Max # Chars.
  4. Set the Symbols Size in the field Properties to 25x25
    The QR code will be large and encode all 2000 characters while Design will show a symbol that is 25x25 elements.


There is currently no work around for these issues other than to avoid these conditions.

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All supported installation environments.