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How can I print a 'slashed zero' character ( Ø ) on an Intermec printer?


NOTE: This solution is printer specific and may be limited by the font selected.
The slashed zero character is only included in certain font sets on Intermec printers.

  1. Open your label in Loftware Design Mode, select a field that you want a slashed zero printed in; select View > Properties (if the properties box is not already visible).
  2. Change the "Font Category" property to "Native Fonts" and change the "Font" property to either "5x7", "7x9", or "10x14".

Note: Slashed zeros will not appear on-screen in Design.

  1. Save the label and initiate a test print (or a print job from On Demand Print if the field is a variable text field) to verify that the slashed zero prints.

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