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After using the printer import feature in LPS, it was discovered that not all printers were imported. 


There are two common reasons why printers may not appear in the LLM Configuration Grid after using the printer Import feature within LPS version 11:

  1. The printers being imported were defined in the Unassigned Range (grayed out area) of the other installation. Printers defined within the Unassigned Range are not imported.
  2. There are not enough free print seats in the current license to import all the printers you are attempting to import.  If this is the case, an error will appear in the Printer Consolidation Summary after the import is performed.


The allowable quantity of devices to be imported is based on your print seat count. Before importing, verify the inventory of your printer count to be sure you have at least the minimum number of print seats for all of your desired printers to be imported.

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