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This process would be used if you have more than one LPS on the same network, and you would like to lock down certain On-Demand Print Clients to print from the correct LPS.


Instructions on how to edit your LLMWClnt.sav file in order to control which LPS a specific client connects to:

  1. Right click on your Windows icon (World) in the lower left hand side of your computer.
  2. Select Open Windows Explorer.
  3. Navigate out to the following path:
    1. If using a 64 bit OS. use this address:
      1. C:\Program Files (x86)\Loftware Labeling
    2. If using a 32 bit OS please use this address:
      1. C:\Program Files\Loftware Labeling

  4.  In the Loftware labeling directory, open a file called LLMClnt.sav in any text editor.

  5. This file contains instructions on how to create a Loftware Client INI file. An example is generated at the bottom of the LLMClnt.sav file for your particular Loftware Installation. In this example there will be the following lines of data where computer name = name of the client machine for this Loftware installation:

  6. You need to edit the file the following manner:
    1. Replace the computer name with the name of the client in which the LPS is installed on (each line contains the computer name).
    2. Add an Address line anywhere after the [KB:COMPUTERNAME].
    3. The address line will look like this: Address=(IP Address) where IP Address is the IP Address of the LPS client.
  7. You need to click Save As and save the current .sav file as LLMClnt.ini.
  8. Save this file in the same directory as the LLMClnt.sav file.


  1. The sample below is the client machine name CBOIVIN-MOBILE and the LPS resides on server name KMOONEY-MOBILE.
  2. On the current LLMClnt.sav file, you will perform some edits.

    Complete the following edits:
    1. Change client machine name.
    2. Add the address = (IP Address).
  3. Once these steps are completed the file should look like this:

  4. File – Save As and save the file as LLMClnt.ini 
    1. Make sure to save this in the same directory as the LLMClnt.sav

Click on your On-Demand Print Client when it starts it should immediately open the label directory for the specified LPS Server.



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