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When attempting to print to a Zebra printer, I receive a recoverable printer error or a message stating that the printer timed out.


Although this error usually occurs if communications settings are not set correctly or if the printer is not properly connected and powered on, it is also possible that your printer's internal settings have been altered such that Loftware cannot communicate with it. Specifically, it may be that one or more of the ZPL (Zebra Printer Language) delimiters or instruction prefixes has been changed; Loftware requires that these particular settings be set to their defaults in order to correctly communicate with the printer. The following reset to defaults procedure resets these characters:

  1. Turn the power on the Zebra printer off.
  2. Turn the power on while holding down the [FEED] and [PAUSE] buttons; continue holding the [FEED] and [PAUSE] buttons for 3 seconds and then release.
  3. Calibrate the printer by either pressing the [CALIBRATE] button or, if your printer does not have a [CALIBRATE] button, by pressing the [MODE] button until the "Calibrate" mode is selected and then pressing [FEED]. Labels feed out of the printer until the printer has been calibrated and the printer's settings are reset to their factory defaults.
  4. Cycle the power on the printer; initiate a test print from Loftware Design Mode to verify that the printer has been correctly reset.

Please refer to your printer operator's manual for updated instructions on resetting the printer back to factory defaults as needed.

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