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LPS with Multiple Processors: Loftware is multiprocessor aware and you will not need to change any settings to enable Loftware to make use of two or more processors. However, we also have the ability to configure Loftware to run on one or more specific processors.


Configuring Multiple Processors

Because the Loftware Print Server consists of two executables that run in memory as a service, setting the affinity after the LPS Service is started would have to occur each time the service is stopped and started.

  1. Start | Programs | Loftware Labeling | Print Server | LPS Configuration Utility
  2. Press Shift+F2 to display the Advanced tab. An Affinity button will only be enabled if the server detects one or more processors.
    Note: A single dual-core CPU will display the Affinity button and once clicked will show two processors.
  3. Click Affinity. You can force Loftware to run on a single processor if desired, or on a quad or more processor machine, on as many processors as desired.
    Note: This is similar to opening the Task Manager | Processes tab, right-clicking an executable (LPS = llmwbp32.exe and Watchdognt.exe). Then left-click on Affinity and select the processors to use.
    Because Loftware is a service and can be set to automatically start on server reboot, we allow you to set the processors as a configured value versus forcing you to login and then set the Affinity after the program is already in memory.

    Check the Enable box and select the processor(s) you want to use for Loftware.
    Again, these steps are not needed if you want Loftware to run across all CPUs by default.

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