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How do I reset the memory on an Intermec printer?


There are two ways to reset memory, a software reset and a manual reset.

Software Reset

Note: The following does not work if you are printing to an Intermec printer that is located on a network print server. This only works for printers attached locally through the LPT, USB, or COM port. If the Intermec printer is networked, please skip down to the manual memory reset.

  1. Open Loftware in one of the following modes: Design, On-Demand Print, etc.
  2. Choose File > Printers from the menu bar, or press F6.
  3. Select the Intermec printer from LLM Printer Configuration, or from underneath the 'Configured Printers' list (versions less than 6.1).
  4. Click on 'Connection' and select Reset to Defaults.

Manual Reset (Intermec 3400/3600)

  1. Power down the printer
  2. Power on the printer while depressing and holding the feed button.
  3. Release the feed button once labels begin to feed through the print head.
  4. Set top bank of DIP switches:  1= Off and 3-6 = On
  5. Hold the feed button down for three seconds.
  6. Power down the printer.
  7. Set top bank switch 1 = on, bottom bank switch 6 = on; all other switches = off.
  8. Power on the printer.


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 All versions of Loftware


All supported installation environments.

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