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When opening Design32, a warning message pops up indicating one of the 2 following;


  1. M61280 Warning: LPS is currently running in Backup Mode.

  2. M61280 Warning: LPS is currently running in Non-Production Mode.


This warning appears when the LPS being used has a B in the license string, indicating that the current Loftware Print Server (LPS) license is a non-production or backup license.

PW- LPS[1000/10/10] [10] [10] [10/10] J[10] W[10/10] F[10]  S{MSNRBODXYG}00000000

This generally happens for one of the following reasons;

  1. The seconary node of a Cluster configuration is used for the Loftware Print Server service
  2. In a Disaster Recovery or High Availability fail over situation, and backup or non-production licensed LPS is being used


The Loftware Print Server is functioning normally on the backup or non-production instance

The solution is to determine why the Primary Node of a Cluster, or the Production LPS is not running. Correct the issue, the stop the LPS on the Cluster's Secondary Node, or the Backup or Non-Production LPS, and start the LPS on the Cluster's Primary Node or the Production LPS. 


Article Number



All supported LPS family product versions.


All environments


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